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Do I need any qualifications to undertake Bathroom Academy Courses?
No, our courses are open to all.

Do I have to attend a college?
No, all training is web based and undertaken entirely online.

What does the course fee cover? 
The course fee covers access to the on-line Bathroom Academy, Registration, Workbooks, Testing, and Certification as well as access to our Helpline by calling 01782 631619.

Which Bathroom Academy courses are certificated?
All Bathroom Academy courses are certificated. Certificates are issued on successful completion.

How long does it take to achieve a Bathroom Academy Merit?
The time taken to complete a Merit is dependent entirely on the individual, and his or her level of prior knowledge and experience. On average candidates spend about 6 to 8 hours per Merit. 

Do I have to take Bathroom Academy Merits in a particular order?
You choose the order in which you take Bathroom Academy Merits.

How many Bathroom Academy Merits do I have to achieve to attain a Certificate in Bathroom Studies?

Do I have to attend an Examination Centre to sit the tests?
No, all tests are online and can be taken at home or at your workplace.

What help and support will I receive whilst I am undertaking training?
If you require help or support contact our training team on 01782 631619 or email your query to: info@bathroom-academy.co.uk


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